Sunday, January 31, 2016

Angela's Maternal Birth-Grandparents Lines are confirmed!!!

----  Building Angela's Tree Begins  ----

It felt like the search would take a lifetime and might not ever be achieved but with the help of the SEARCH SQUAD GROUP on Facebook, and the release of Pamela's Ohio Birth Record on the internet, we discovered the names of Angela's Grandparents on her biological mother's side. What we also learned is that Pamela Christine Reeds has an older brother, Joseph Orville Byers!!! The Birth records indicated the parents of Pamela and Joseph were James Orville Byers and May Ruth Smith.

  • James Orville Byers
    • B: 30 AUG 1915 in New Castle, Pennsylvania
    • D: 18 APR 1985 in Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio
  • May Ruth Smith
    • B: abt. 1913 in Ohio
    • D: Unknown

With this information I went to and began adding it to our family tree. Immediately I started seeing results for James Orville Byers. His father was listed as James David Byers and his mother was just listed as Tillie. Further research led me to her full name as Tillie Alice Kahrer.

1910 -1940 Census Records:

                       1910 Census
1920 Census
1930 Census
1940 Census

James and Tillie had three sons: Angela's grandfather, James, who was the youngest, the eldest son was Lewis or Louis byers and a the middle son was Norman Byers. All three sons were born in New Castle, Pennsylvania. James and Norman passed away in Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio and Louis is listed as having passed away in Ohio. There was no more information on James or Louis that I could find. I found a citation for Normans death on Ancestry: Ohio, Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-2007.

Ohio Death Record for Norman Byers
May Ruth Smith was much harder to figure out as I found a Census record listing many surnames and a child named May Ruth born in 1913. Then I found two 1920 and 1930 Census' records both having a daughter named May Ruth. I was at a wall! That is until I let one of Angela's Ancestry DNA matches know what I found so far.

Angela was a DNA Match for someone on the Ancestry tree for gkcondit1. The owner of the site is the daughter to Angela's DNA Match via her father's McKusick line. I had spoken with this person about the match with Angela, who also father also shares the same Haplogroup V as Angela, which means they have a common female ancestor in their maternal lines. The daughter began looking through her tree for a Smith connection. It didn't take long before she came back with some names!! May Ruth Smith was the daughter of John Hillery Smith and Ida Mae Ulrich.

Monday, January 18, 2016

YES!!! Ohio Releases Pamela's Birth Information Online

Last night as I was working on Ancestry, searching the 30 DNA matches of Angela who bear the surname WHITNEY in their trees, I noticed on my computer screen the hours had passed away and it was now 12:30 am. Knowing I needed to get some sleep, I began gathering up the pile of information I had gathered from the Whitney information, leaving 13 more matches to get through and sat them aside. My thoughts and curiosity shifted from being tired to Angela's birth mother, Pamela and some information Angela and I had been given by the Search Squad Group on Facebook, concerning Pamela's maiden name and a sibling.

Pamela's maiden name was confirmed to be REEDS and that she has a brother named Joseph Byers who in 2012, lived in Amelia, Ohio. I had an old address given to us by Search Squad, so I sent him some information about what I had learned, hoping he would know anything of Pam's parentage. It had been mailed off December 31, 2015 and came back "Unable To Forward" Saturday, January 16, 2016. As this door disappointingly closed, another one surprisingly opened!!!

Just playing around on the net, searching for anything on Pamela and Joseph, I began plugging in their birth information online, hoping I could find something new when the following screenshots I took, appeared. Oh, I was so excited to see some new names!!! The Ohio Department of Health had released some much need information.This is what we need!! The names of Pamela's parents. Thank you Ohio for opening up the Birth information for the adopted children and children in your foster care system!

This morning, Monday, January 18, 2016, I got up after 7 am, having finally made it to bed after 1:30 am, to begin searching for more information on the parents of Pamela and Joseph. I am saddened by the though that both Pamela and Joseph were given up as babies. Possibly never knowing who their parents were or the circumstance of their births. My heart goes out to them! Having gained this new information, I added it to Angela's Ancestry Tree and went off to bed. I didn't think I'd ever fall asleep but I finally did.

Pamela and Joseph's parents are James Orville Byers and May Ruth Smith.

The night passed quickly and I awoke to my dog, Dottie barking in my office where her bed is. It was now 7:30 something in the morning. I got up and let my two babies outside to do their thing and turned my computer on. With my goats fed, dogs fed, bird fed, cats fed and a cup of coffee in hand, I set myself down at the keyboard, eager to see what new information I could find. Logged back on to, I began searching for anything. It didn't take long for me to find some census records.

Not confirmed yet but hoping, four census records dating 1910 through 1940 for a James Byers and his wife Tillie Byers, both born in Pennsylvania, listing their 3 sons, among them a James Byers born 1916 in Pennsylvania appeared. The family having lived in New Castle, Lawrence County, Pennsylvannia in 1910 and 1920, moving sometime during the 1920's and showing up on the 1930 Census now living in Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio, where Pamela Christine Reeds and her brother Joseph Orville Byers were born. Now it's time to search through Angela's nine "Byers" DNA Matches and see what they have in common. Will this Byers line connect theirs? 


1910 - James Byers


1920 - James Byers

1930 - James Byers

1940 - James Byers


Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Confirmed Crockett / Davis / Graddy / Carlyle Connection

I want to share with you that we found my daughter-in-law's first Family Tree confirmed match between herself, Robert Richard Crockett and Patty Meado. Robert shares the Crockett ancestor, David Crockett Sr. and Elizabeth Hedge(s) with me. Robert is from their son Alexander and I am from their son John who married Rebecca Hawkins. The 2nd Great Grandparents of David Crockett Sr. is Antoine de Crocketagne and Louise De Saix. We are from their son Joseph Louis Crockett and Angela is from their son Robert Crockett Sr. and Rachel Watkins. From Robert and Rachel, Angela connects to Robert W. Crockett Jr. and Margaret Alexander Davis. Their son Alexander Crockett married Margaret Campbell whose daughter Margaret Peggy Crockett married George Carlyle.They had son Alexander Crockett Carlyle who married Ellen V. "Lucinda" Graddy. Lucinda's father Jesse Barfield Graddy is the son of William Oliver Graddy Jr. His father, William Sr. is the Brother of John "The Elder" Graddy. John's son Frederick Graddy and wife Elizabeth Durham is Patty Meado's ancestors!!!
We also learned that when you are comparing Gedmatch Kit numbers, if you don't find a match at the default level of 7, try testing at a lower number. This is how I found that Angela and my husband Doug match on chromosomes 1, 5, 6, 8 and 15 at a cM level of 3 down to 1. This means they have a common ancestor even further back. I sadly share no DNA with either of them although Angela and I are cousins through the Crockett line.
It is not impossible to find your connection this way if you dig deep into your family tree when searching.
Angela's Family Tree DNA match, Dan Davis, who is also on her Ancestry DNA match shares chromosome 1 with Angela at a level 7. He matches Doug at lower levels on chromosomes 4, 6, and 15.
On Ancestry Angela had 10 DNA matches with the surname Crockett in their line. Dan matched 3 of them via those who have responded and have shared their kit numbers. He matched the families kit numbers at lower cM levels. One of the DNA matches to Angela found her Match to Dan on her line despite them having a DNA match at a lower level.
Once again, although I do not share DNA with this match who matches Dan, I do share DNA with her father, as does my Mom and Mom's sister Edna. We connect with the Father's Howe / Demerest line through my Mom's Dad's Mother's Parents: Daniel Baker Howe and Eliza Ann Demerest. My non sharing DNA cousin Frances and I share with the matches Husband as well as he is from the Demerest line through her husband who is also from our common Ancestor David Demerest and Maria Sohier. I am from their son David while the Husband and Frances are from their son Jean.
Dan's wife and I have been trying to figure out how he is related to Angela. We thought for sure it was his mother because of the Youngstown, Ohio connection. Angela's birth mother was born there. However, Dan's Father's Davis line goes back to West Virginia. This is how Angela's DNA match who also matches Dan confirmed their connection. So, Dan is matching most likely Pam's Father's line STANTON and not Pam's mother REEDS. Although, I can't officially verify that.....YET!!! For sure we know how Dan and Angela are matching, through his father's line and I'm guessing through Margaret Alexander Davis' line.
Margaret Alexander Davis and Robert Crockett Jr. had 9 kids, 7 of them sons. I'm tracing them now to expand my tree!!!
So, when comparing your Gedmatch kit numbers, take a look at those common matches and test them at the lower levels as well with other people you match. WE ARE CONNECTED... ONE HUGE AMERICAN FAMILY!!!

Angela's DNA Crockett Connection

Our daughter-in-law Angela Wigley has a DNA match on the 9th chromosome to a Robert Richard Crockett. The two of them are connecting on Family Tree DNA and I am in contact with Robert. He is my cousin (Kathy's Genealogy) through Alexander, son of David Crockett, Sr. and Elizabeth Hedge(s) and brother to my John Crockett and Rebekah Hawkins. 

When I compare the people Angela and Robert have in common, meaning they also share DNA with Angela and Robert, I printed out two pages totaling 15 people. Of the 15 people, 11 are share DNA on chromosome 9, 1 each on chromosomes 3, 6, 11 and 13. The DNA matches sharing chromosome 9 all appear in the same position showing a very close related match. Of the 11 people on chromosome 9, 6 people have a family tree on FTDNA that I can look at. 

On my Ancestry account I made individual "Mirror" trees for each of the 6 people plugging in the ancestors leading back to Tennessee, NC and so on. Some are very obvious as to which parental line I should follow as others have parents that just go straight back to Ireland or Germany. One of the individuals, "Patty Meado" has a Graddy surname. Having worked on the Crockett siblings of our David Crockett & Elizabeth Hedge(s) grandparents to locate Roberts location on the Crockett tree and confirmed by his own tree on FTDNA, I recognized the Graddy surname. There is a Margaret Crockett who married George Carlyle and their son Crockett Carlyle married Lucinda Graddy. This is Patty's connection to Robert. Lucinda Graddy's brother is William Lee Graddy who married Martha Carlyle, sister to Crockett Carylyle. William and Martha are the parents of Dr. Joseph "JO" Coleman Carter. Dr. Jo married Margaret Carlyle and their son is Dr. Daniel Drake Carter written about in the AMA Journal below.

I now need to make sure of the connecting Crocketts to Robert's Alexander Crockett grandparents. Antoine Crocketagne and Louise De Saix have a son Alexander who married Rachel Watkins. Their son Robert Watkins Crockett married Margaret Alexander Davis. Their son Alexander married Margaret Campbell. Their daughter is Margaret Crockett.

 Robert's Alexander married Elizabeth H. Crockett. In the Journal of the American Medical Association, Volumes 8-9, page 473 has under "NECROLOGY" the name of one of her descendants who became a doctor, "Dr. Daniel Drake Carter. His genealogy lists Alexander Crockett as her father. 

Here is the link to the FREE Google book containing this information. 

I will also post the link to the Amazon site of a book called: "Notable Southern Families Vol V by Zella Armstrong. It is 620 pages for $65 and is all about the Crockett Family Line, from the immigrant ancestors. I found it via my Ancestry search for Angela's connection to Robert and am downloading all 620 pages individually so I can print it out and have it for future research. The link is here as well should you want to check it out now.

So, I still have to go through and locate the others but with the triangulation of Angela, Robert and Patty, looks like Angela is a cousin via the Alexander Crockett Line of Antoine Crocketagne and Louise DeSaix, her first confirmed DNA match to start building her Family Tree!!! Welcome home Angela....!!! More to come!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

An Adopted Child: Angela's Genealogy Search

Angela Davis - Wigley
Adopted children do not have the luxury of knowing who they are based on their parents ethnicity, and genealogy. While they all have a story in regards to their adoptive families, they don't know their own story, their heritage!

Angela's story is that she doesn't know much about her heritage other than the small pieces of information shared by her adoptive parents and a half-sister Christy, who hired a private investigator to learn more about their mother and who found Angela. With the information Christy shared with Angela, she knows somewhere she has a half-brother. She has in her possession a picture of her birth parents when she was around the age of 3 or 4 years old, before she was placed for adoption. Angela knows the names and place of birth of her parents. Her own birth certificate does not bare their names. Like so many adoptees, the names of her adoptive parents have replaced them.

Angela is our daughter-in-law. She married our first born son, Doug Wigley Jr. They have a beautiful and unique relationship in that they really love each other. My husband and I have watched how attentive they are to each other's needs. I myself love my family and cannot fathom the idea of not knowing or being able to know "One's Own Story". While my husband and I have been working on our genealogy, it has been only the last year or so that we jumped into the world of DNA Genealogy with the purposes of "breaking down walls" and "proving family lines". The only way Angela was going to be able to build her tree was through DNA. We started purchasing DNA tests, first through Ancestry and then I transferred the DNA Data to Family Tree DNA. From these two companies she learned of her vast amounts of ethnicity based on her parents DNA she had inherited.

While we all waited for her DNA test with Ancestry to process, I began a tree for her and plugged in the information that we knew. Angela had two pictures, one each of herself with each parent. Doug Jr. had to render them so they could be used on her profile because they had been damaged over time. Once I got them sent to me, I uploaded them to Angela's tree. Then I started researching her parents.

Angela Davis with her biological father, Nick Munoz
Angela's biological father is Nick Munoz born in Sacramento, California. She already knew that his ancestors came from Mexico but she knows nothing else about him. Angela's biological mother is Pamela Reed born in Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio on February 28, 1950.

Angela Davis with her biological mother, Pamela Stanton Reeds.
Her maiden name is REEDS.
In my research I found an obituary for Pamela on "Find A Grave" which confirmed the information Angela had for Pam's birth. I needed to verify if this Pamela was the same Pamela who also had a daughter named Christy. The information listed the Warehouse Christian Ministries in Reno, Nevada where Pamela was last residing so I "Googled" them, found their number and gave them a call. I spoke with a man but can't remember his name. He knew Pam and told me what he knew about her. I gave him the information I knew about Angela and Christy. We discussed what he knew of Pam's life and then said goodbye. Later the same day, I got a call from the Ministry and the same gentleman verified Christy as her daughter when he looked through the file they had kept on Pam.

So, we found Pamela from the "Find A Grave" information I had found and confirmed she was Angela's Pam. While it was exciting to know we had learned some new information about Pam, I was also saddened by the fact that Pam had passed away, never knowing her beautiful daughter. Angela was just 11 years old when Pam passed. She was 37 years old when Angela was born. I can't imagine having to give my child up to strangers but I understand why she had too. It is only because a few people involved cared enough to pass on to Angela something of her parents that she has this much knowledge about them so far.

"Find A Grave" Obituary on Pamela Stanton Reed

The "Find A Grave" information also listed siblings for Pamela. I hunted down the siblings and mailed them information about Pam and Angela asking for help in learning more about Pam and possibly who her parents are. The daughter-in-law of Rhonda Jackson, Jen contacted me. I learned from Jen that the siblings were not biologically related to Pamela and that she was also a foster child raised by Helen Lape, the mother of Naomi Morrow. Both foster-sisters are in their 80's now and don't remember much. At the time, Helen Lape also lived in Youngstown, Ohio. I also found an obituary on line for Eleanor M. Patoray, which lists Betty Kansa and Naomi Morrow as her siblings. Both are also listed in Pamela's Obituary.

As the DNA Matches on Ancestry and Family Tree DNA come in, I also uploaded her DNA data to Her kit number is A918809. This October 2015 we ordered a 23andMe DNA kit so Angela can learn her maternal Haplogroup and find more DNA matches. Now, it's just a matter of learning the DNA process of searching for her cousins and how to locate her line. I hope that this information I have given will also lead to more information concerning Pamela Stanton Reed. We are searching for the names of her parents and the names of Nick Munoz parents. We have a long way to go so.... Let the fun begin!