Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Confirmed Crockett / Davis / Graddy / Carlyle Connection

I want to share with you that we found my daughter-in-law's first Family Tree confirmed match between herself, Robert Richard Crockett and Patty Meado. Robert shares the Crockett ancestor, David Crockett Sr. and Elizabeth Hedge(s) with me. Robert is from their son Alexander and I am from their son John who married Rebecca Hawkins. The 2nd Great Grandparents of David Crockett Sr. is Antoine de Crocketagne and Louise De Saix. We are from their son Joseph Louis Crockett and Angela is from their son Robert Crockett Sr. and Rachel Watkins. From Robert and Rachel, Angela connects to Robert W. Crockett Jr. and Margaret Alexander Davis. Their son Alexander Crockett married Margaret Campbell whose daughter Margaret Peggy Crockett married George Carlyle.They had son Alexander Crockett Carlyle who married Ellen V. "Lucinda" Graddy. Lucinda's father Jesse Barfield Graddy is the son of William Oliver Graddy Jr. His father, William Sr. is the Brother of John "The Elder" Graddy. John's son Frederick Graddy and wife Elizabeth Durham is Patty Meado's ancestors!!!
We also learned that when you are comparing Gedmatch Kit numbers, if you don't find a match at the default level of 7, try testing at a lower number. This is how I found that Angela and my husband Doug match on chromosomes 1, 5, 6, 8 and 15 at a cM level of 3 down to 1. This means they have a common ancestor even further back. I sadly share no DNA with either of them although Angela and I are cousins through the Crockett line.
It is not impossible to find your connection this way if you dig deep into your family tree when searching.
Angela's Family Tree DNA match, Dan Davis, who is also on her Ancestry DNA match shares chromosome 1 with Angela at a level 7. He matches Doug at lower levels on chromosomes 4, 6, and 15.
On Ancestry Angela had 10 DNA matches with the surname Crockett in their line. Dan matched 3 of them via those who have responded and have shared their kit numbers. He matched the families kit numbers at lower cM levels. One of the DNA matches to Angela found her Match to Dan on her line despite them having a DNA match at a lower level.
Once again, although I do not share DNA with this match who matches Dan, I do share DNA with her father, as does my Mom and Mom's sister Edna. We connect with the Father's Howe / Demerest line through my Mom's Dad's Mother's Parents: Daniel Baker Howe and Eliza Ann Demerest. My non sharing DNA cousin Frances and I share with the matches Husband as well as he is from the Demerest line through her husband who is also from our common Ancestor David Demerest and Maria Sohier. I am from their son David while the Husband and Frances are from their son Jean.
Dan's wife and I have been trying to figure out how he is related to Angela. We thought for sure it was his mother because of the Youngstown, Ohio connection. Angela's birth mother was born there. However, Dan's Father's Davis line goes back to West Virginia. This is how Angela's DNA match who also matches Dan confirmed their connection. So, Dan is matching most likely Pam's Father's line STANTON and not Pam's mother REEDS. Although, I can't officially verify that.....YET!!! For sure we know how Dan and Angela are matching, through his father's line and I'm guessing through Margaret Alexander Davis' line.
Margaret Alexander Davis and Robert Crockett Jr. had 9 kids, 7 of them sons. I'm tracing them now to expand my tree!!!
So, when comparing your Gedmatch kit numbers, take a look at those common matches and test them at the lower levels as well with other people you match. WE ARE CONNECTED... ONE HUGE AMERICAN FAMILY!!!

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