Sunday, November 8, 2015

Angela's DNA Crockett Connection

Our daughter-in-law Angela Wigley has a DNA match on the 9th chromosome to a Robert Richard Crockett. The two of them are connecting on Family Tree DNA and I am in contact with Robert. He is my cousin (Kathy's Genealogy) through Alexander, son of David Crockett, Sr. and Elizabeth Hedge(s) and brother to my John Crockett and Rebekah Hawkins. 

When I compare the people Angela and Robert have in common, meaning they also share DNA with Angela and Robert, I printed out two pages totaling 15 people. Of the 15 people, 11 are share DNA on chromosome 9, 1 each on chromosomes 3, 6, 11 and 13. The DNA matches sharing chromosome 9 all appear in the same position showing a very close related match. Of the 11 people on chromosome 9, 6 people have a family tree on FTDNA that I can look at. 

On my Ancestry account I made individual "Mirror" trees for each of the 6 people plugging in the ancestors leading back to Tennessee, NC and so on. Some are very obvious as to which parental line I should follow as others have parents that just go straight back to Ireland or Germany. One of the individuals, "Patty Meado" has a Graddy surname. Having worked on the Crockett siblings of our David Crockett & Elizabeth Hedge(s) grandparents to locate Roberts location on the Crockett tree and confirmed by his own tree on FTDNA, I recognized the Graddy surname. There is a Margaret Crockett who married George Carlyle and their son Crockett Carlyle married Lucinda Graddy. This is Patty's connection to Robert. Lucinda Graddy's brother is William Lee Graddy who married Martha Carlyle, sister to Crockett Carylyle. William and Martha are the parents of Dr. Joseph "JO" Coleman Carter. Dr. Jo married Margaret Carlyle and their son is Dr. Daniel Drake Carter written about in the AMA Journal below.

I now need to make sure of the connecting Crocketts to Robert's Alexander Crockett grandparents. Antoine Crocketagne and Louise De Saix have a son Alexander who married Rachel Watkins. Their son Robert Watkins Crockett married Margaret Alexander Davis. Their son Alexander married Margaret Campbell. Their daughter is Margaret Crockett.

 Robert's Alexander married Elizabeth H. Crockett. In the Journal of the American Medical Association, Volumes 8-9, page 473 has under "NECROLOGY" the name of one of her descendants who became a doctor, "Dr. Daniel Drake Carter. His genealogy lists Alexander Crockett as her father. 

Here is the link to the FREE Google book containing this information. 

I will also post the link to the Amazon site of a book called: "Notable Southern Families Vol V by Zella Armstrong. It is 620 pages for $65 and is all about the Crockett Family Line, from the immigrant ancestors. I found it via my Ancestry search for Angela's connection to Robert and am downloading all 620 pages individually so I can print it out and have it for future research. The link is here as well should you want to check it out now.

So, I still have to go through and locate the others but with the triangulation of Angela, Robert and Patty, looks like Angela is a cousin via the Alexander Crockett Line of Antoine Crocketagne and Louise DeSaix, her first confirmed DNA match to start building her Family Tree!!! Welcome home Angela....!!! More to come!

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