Sunday, January 31, 2016

Angela's Maternal Birth-Grandparents Lines are confirmed!!!

----  Building Angela's Tree Begins  ----

It felt like the search would take a lifetime and might not ever be achieved but with the help of the SEARCH SQUAD GROUP on Facebook, and the release of Pamela's Ohio Birth Record on the internet, we discovered the names of Angela's Grandparents on her biological mother's side. What we also learned is that Pamela Christine Reeds has an older brother, Joseph Orville Byers!!! The Birth records indicated the parents of Pamela and Joseph were James Orville Byers and May Ruth Smith.

  • James Orville Byers
    • B: 30 AUG 1915 in New Castle, Pennsylvania
    • D: 18 APR 1985 in Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio
  • May Ruth Smith
    • B: abt. 1913 in Ohio
    • D: Unknown

With this information I went to and began adding it to our family tree. Immediately I started seeing results for James Orville Byers. His father was listed as James David Byers and his mother was just listed as Tillie. Further research led me to her full name as Tillie Alice Kahrer.

1910 -1940 Census Records:

                       1910 Census
1920 Census
1930 Census
1940 Census

James and Tillie had three sons: Angela's grandfather, James, who was the youngest, the eldest son was Lewis or Louis byers and a the middle son was Norman Byers. All three sons were born in New Castle, Pennsylvania. James and Norman passed away in Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio and Louis is listed as having passed away in Ohio. There was no more information on James or Louis that I could find. I found a citation for Normans death on Ancestry: Ohio, Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-2007.

Ohio Death Record for Norman Byers
May Ruth Smith was much harder to figure out as I found a Census record listing many surnames and a child named May Ruth born in 1913. Then I found two 1920 and 1930 Census' records both having a daughter named May Ruth. I was at a wall! That is until I let one of Angela's Ancestry DNA matches know what I found so far.

Angela was a DNA Match for someone on the Ancestry tree for gkcondit1. The owner of the site is the daughter to Angela's DNA Match via her father's McKusick line. I had spoken with this person about the match with Angela, who also father also shares the same Haplogroup V as Angela, which means they have a common female ancestor in their maternal lines. The daughter began looking through her tree for a Smith connection. It didn't take long before she came back with some names!! May Ruth Smith was the daughter of John Hillery Smith and Ida Mae Ulrich.

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