Monday, January 18, 2016

YES!!! Ohio Releases Pamela's Birth Information Online

Last night as I was working on Ancestry, searching the 30 DNA matches of Angela who bear the surname WHITNEY in their trees, I noticed on my computer screen the hours had passed away and it was now 12:30 am. Knowing I needed to get some sleep, I began gathering up the pile of information I had gathered from the Whitney information, leaving 13 more matches to get through and sat them aside. My thoughts and curiosity shifted from being tired to Angela's birth mother, Pamela and some information Angela and I had been given by the Search Squad Group on Facebook, concerning Pamela's maiden name and a sibling.

Pamela's maiden name was confirmed to be REEDS and that she has a brother named Joseph Byers who in 2012, lived in Amelia, Ohio. I had an old address given to us by Search Squad, so I sent him some information about what I had learned, hoping he would know anything of Pam's parentage. It had been mailed off December 31, 2015 and came back "Unable To Forward" Saturday, January 16, 2016. As this door disappointingly closed, another one surprisingly opened!!!

Just playing around on the net, searching for anything on Pamela and Joseph, I began plugging in their birth information online, hoping I could find something new when the following screenshots I took, appeared. Oh, I was so excited to see some new names!!! The Ohio Department of Health had released some much need information.This is what we need!! The names of Pamela's parents. Thank you Ohio for opening up the Birth information for the adopted children and children in your foster care system!

This morning, Monday, January 18, 2016, I got up after 7 am, having finally made it to bed after 1:30 am, to begin searching for more information on the parents of Pamela and Joseph. I am saddened by the though that both Pamela and Joseph were given up as babies. Possibly never knowing who their parents were or the circumstance of their births. My heart goes out to them! Having gained this new information, I added it to Angela's Ancestry Tree and went off to bed. I didn't think I'd ever fall asleep but I finally did.

Pamela and Joseph's parents are James Orville Byers and May Ruth Smith.

The night passed quickly and I awoke to my dog, Dottie barking in my office where her bed is. It was now 7:30 something in the morning. I got up and let my two babies outside to do their thing and turned my computer on. With my goats fed, dogs fed, bird fed, cats fed and a cup of coffee in hand, I set myself down at the keyboard, eager to see what new information I could find. Logged back on to, I began searching for anything. It didn't take long for me to find some census records.

Not confirmed yet but hoping, four census records dating 1910 through 1940 for a James Byers and his wife Tillie Byers, both born in Pennsylvania, listing their 3 sons, among them a James Byers born 1916 in Pennsylvania appeared. The family having lived in New Castle, Lawrence County, Pennsylvannia in 1910 and 1920, moving sometime during the 1920's and showing up on the 1930 Census now living in Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio, where Pamela Christine Reeds and her brother Joseph Orville Byers were born. Now it's time to search through Angela's nine "Byers" DNA Matches and see what they have in common. Will this Byers line connect theirs? 


1910 - James Byers


1920 - James Byers

1930 - James Byers

1940 - James Byers


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